Error Creating Character is an error that many World of Warcraft users see while they are trying to create their character. Most of the time, it’s while trying to create a character from Horder or Alliance faction. It’s been around for quite some time, but there is a simple way to solve the issue. We have found that method 1: change your name and method 2: change your hairstyle have been the most effective way to solve the error creating a character message. 

What Causes The Error Creating Character Issue in WoW?

This error message pops up for no apparent reason. It seems to be a glitch in their servers/system. A lot of users are pretty peeved that there doesn’t seem to be a clear reason as to why this error pops up. However, it could pop up for these reasons: 

Faulty name choice
Faulty hairstyle
Overpopulated realm
Computer error
No apparent reason

These are the issues that users have figured out on their own, and the method for solving this error is very simple. 

How to Fix Error Creating Character in WoW

There are three ways you can fix the error you are getting while trying to create the perfect character in World of Warcraft. They include: 

Changing your name
Changing your hairstyle
Choose a new realm
Repair computer errors
Create a help ticket

Method 1: Change Your Name

Probably the most straightforward method for fixing this error is to choose another name if you are having issues creating a new character in World of Warcraft. You may be trying to use a name that another character is using. Names that are already in use are one of the main causes of this error. However, the name may not be in use, but a recently deleted character may still be linked to the name. This will also make the error creating a character message to pop up. To fix this error, simply change your name or create a whole new character and choose a new name. 

Method 2: Choose a Different Hairstyle

Oddly enough, a solution that has been used when the error creating a character message pops up on your WoW screen, is to change the hairstyle. It’s a strange fix, but it works. In the newest update for World of Warcraft, the hairstyles have begun to show up on the creation screen, but it won’t help. You will have to go to the barber to change the hairstyle and hopefully be able to create your character. 

Method 3: Choose a New Realm

It has recently been noted that some of the WoW classic realms have a temporary character creation restriction set in place. This is bcause the America/Europe realms are overpopulated. If you don’t already have another character in the realm, you won’t be able to create a new one. The simplest way to solve this problem is to choose a new realm if you can. This should solve the issue promptly. 

Interestingly enough, error creating a character message may not be a d

Method 4: Repair Computer Issues

Direct issue from World of Warcraft. It may actually be from your computer. Sometimes, computers can have corrupt files or other common issues that may not allow it to properly run a program. You can solve this problem in three easy steps: 

Download the Restoro PC Repair Tool
Click on Start Scan
Click Repair All

Try to run the game and create your character. 

Method 5: Create a Help Ticket

The last method on the list is to create a help ticket. You can create an in-game ticket through the customer support tab and click open a ticket. You will then need to explain the issue you are having to the game master in a clear way. Don’t give them your password or any credentials. You will get a response based on the position you are in the queue. 

Final Words 

World of Warcraft has been around for many years, so it’s known for bugs and errors. This is honestly one of the easiest errors to fix. Our methods have been proven successful, resulting in many players being able to create the character they want with the name and hairstyle they want. Hopefully, these methods worked for you as well. 


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