When you’re in the middle of a role-playing game, the last thing you want is an error message ruining everything. While Final Fantasy XIV Online is generally a pretty solid game with few common error codes, there are the occasional glitches here and there that can really put a damper on your play.

Fortunately, most of them are rather easy fixes and can be quickly remedied to get you back online. Let’s take a look at how to remedy the “unable to complete version check” error, as it is perhaps the most common across the entire game.

What is the “Unable to Complete Version Check” Error Code?

Like other MMOs, Final Fantasy XIV needs frequent updates. It is a game with a long lifespan and, like World of Warcraft and other similar games, you can expect regular updates to come to fix issues and further expand the immersive gaming experience that comes with enjoying an MMO. While this is a great thing that certainly extends the playability of the game, there is an unfortunate downside: potential errors. 

Even the best game designers sometimes mess up and, like other common MMO error codes, this “unable to complete version check” error generation is no different. Fortunately, there are a few different methods you can take to fix it and get back online. 

What Causes the “Unable to Complete Version Check” Error Code?

Essentially, this is an error code that is generated when the game cannot register the version of the game that you are running. Specifically, this seems to pop up the most right after a patch. There is no singular, oneshot fix that will make the issue go away but, fortunately, there are some workarounds that usually fix it and help you get back online. These are what we are discussing today. 

How Do You Fix It?

Since the issues are rooted with the update itself, there are several different options to try and work around the issue and get everything back to normal. Your Options Are:

1. Restart Your Device

Sometimes, simply restarting your device will make a massive difference and restart the game to the point that you can once again play. 

2. Re-Download Your Game

While not the most fun option, if you do not want to take more invasive measures and restarting your device does not work, you may have to re-download your game. 

3. Verify Your Cache

This repair is for Steam versions of the game that can sometimes be impacted by corrupted files. If this happens, it can render your game unplayable until you fix the issue. While many people opt to delete and redownload the game, there are things you can do. Thanks to Steam’s system, you can actually verify your cache for the game and download only new versions of the specific corrupted files, saving you a ton of time and potentially lost gameplay. 

4. Manually Edit Files

While this sounds scary and invasive, this fix is actually really easy to pull off. You just manually edit a couple of files and get the game working once again! Due to the way you manage the file editing, you do not have to worry about messing anything up as long as you are careful and this works really well for most people, making it the closest thing to a surefire fix for this issue as a whole! Plus, once you understand how to do it, you can easily go back in and do it again to fix future issues, as well, saving you a lot of time and stress. 

Fixing the “Unable to Complete Version Check” Error

Let’s take a look at how to actually go in and use these four methods to correct the “unable to complete version check” error. 

1. Restart Your Device

When you first notice the error and do not know the exact reason where the corrupted files are, restarting your device is an excellent starting point. Shut it down properly, using the menu and not unplugging it, to prevent system shocks and let it boot back up fully. For many people, the error will be corrected when the device boots back up, fixing it for at least the duration of the current update. 

2. Re-Download Your Game

If you do not want to take more invasive measures, you can opt to delete and re-download your game. This is not an optimal option, as your game will take a very long time. Final Fantasy XIV is a MMO and downloading it can take hours, delaying your ability to get back online and play. To negate this, it is recommended that you opt to try other methods first to prevent delays if you are comfortable doing so. 

As previously explained, this works for issues with the 

3. Verify Your Game Cache

Steam version of the game. Generally, this version experiences the most issues with this type of error, though the source reason is unknown. To fix it, first find Final Fantasy XIV in your game library. Once you have it, right-click it and select “properties”. In the submenu that pops up, select “local files”, then “verify the integrity of game cache”. 

It is important to know that this does not fix all types of this issue and sometimes does not help much at all if the issue is not within the game’s cache. That being said, it is a very quick fix and does no harm, so it is worth trying before moving on to other methods. 

4. Manual File Editing

Though the most difficult, this option is honestly not hard at all. It can seem intimidating on the surface but once you begin the process you will realize that it is just a matter of locating the correct files. To do this, first, find a file named “ffxiv_boot.cfg”, which you will then open with Notepad or a similar text-based application. Search for a text area that reads “Boot Version Check Mode” with a zero (0) next to it. Change the zero (0) to one (1). Save the file and boot your game as you normally would. It should be all fixed!


While this error can be tricky to fully fix, there are plenty of ways to work around it. It is just a matter of figuring out which works for your game!


My name is Jim Kevin Taylor, also known as, Jimmy The Geek, I recently graduated from MIT with computer science major. I intern at a network security firm. I am passionate about solving technical issues.

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