NP-3600-5 error code occurs mostly on Playstation 4. This annoying error will cause your game to freeze over and will prevent you from playing. In this detailed guide, we will go into what is it, what causes it, and of course how to fix this common PS4 error.

What is PS4 np-3600-5 Error?

PS4 np-3600-5 typically occurs when your game freezes and you get slapped by a “You will be logged out of the PS4 because an error has occurred.” message on your screen(np-3600-5).

Causes of PS4 np-3600-5 Error

Just as mentioned above, error PS4 np-3600-5 is mainly triggered when the trophy synchronization fails and when the server fails to correctly identify and sync your details. The causes are detailed below:

Failed trophy synchronization. This, as earlier mentioned may result from a bug in your console. There are instances that it may also be from poor or failed connections between your gaming device and the video output devices.
User account details.  Failure by the server to correctly identify and sync user or player details has also been attributed to the down performance of this home console.

How to Workaround NP-3600-5 Error on your PS4

Due to the sudden cessation of fun during a game, many users make attempts like long-pressing the power button to restart the PlayStation. This is most likely to fail and when your power back your device, the error will still be present.

There are, however, various key steps that you can take to ensure you go back to playing without any worries about the game freezing on you again. I am going to take you through three major self hacks below. These include:

Deleting games that lack trophies.
Switching your user accounts.
Resetting your device.

Step 1: Deleting Games That Lack Trophies

These games have a (Trophies 0) symbol under them. The aim is to clear them then load a fresh to see if you will attain full synchronization between the games and the Play Station Network server and clear Error np-3600-5.

To delete these games, follow the given steps.

    From the profile, move the cursor over to the Trophies list on your menu bar and click.
    Find games with zero trophies.
    Click on the options button.
    Select ‘Delete’

When you delete a trophy, the PS goes through a reset and this encourages synchronization between your device and the gaming Network. If after deleting one trophy the error doesn’t resolve, delete another and keep deleting until the error clears and you are back to gaming.

Step 2: Switching Your User Accounts

Failure of accounts to synchronize well with the PSN may cause this error. You may be required to alter user accounts and resume the main account’s activities when the error clears.

Follow the below guidelines to switch user accounts.

    Press on the power button.
    Click Log Out.
    Choose a different account.
    Confirm the presence of an error.
    If you detect no error, log out and log back into the administrator account.

You may be required to repeat the process if the error persists or reoccurs.few times, the admin’s user account may be deleted entirely before registering afresh. This is only required when the error continuously persists. It is among the very last resorts.

Step 3: Resetting Your Device

By the time you are reading this, I believe you have futilely attempted the two steps. This is a major step that requires you to resort back to your device’s factory settings.

Your files may be lost with this workaround so it is advisable to always keep a backup before initializing a reset. Again this should be done in safe mode.

    Use the power button to switch your PS4 off.
    When off, long hold the start button for about 10 seconds. This will produce two beeping sounds.
    After the second beep, let go off the start button. 
    This prompt message will appear, “Connect the DUALSHOCK 4 using the USB cable,and then press the PS button”.
    Follow the prompt as instructed.
    On the controller, click on the PS4 key. This, if done well, lands you to the safe mode.
    From here, click on option 6, to initialize your device.
    There you have it. Your PS4 has been reset.

Remember, if the error persists, you are expected to repeat the whole process from the start. Chances are that there is a step you missed. 


These workarounds are standard recommendations fromSONY as the company that manufactures the PlayStations. When they completely fail to bear fruits, you may want to grab your console and visit the nearest SONY shop at the corner. Chances are there are at least two such shops in your town or a town near you.


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