The Xbox Error Code 0x97e107df limits how you can use the Xbox and I understand that this might be a bit overwhelming. Therefore, In this guide, we will review why this error occurs and how to troubleshoot it. This error is a very common error on Xbox One. 

What is the Error Code 0x97e107df?

Error Code 0x97e107df appears when starting an unlicensed game on Xbox. The message reads; “Something went wrong, Give it another try. If this happens again, visit and enter the following code: 0x97e107df” Once this shows up on your screen, try opting for a procedure to salvage the problem.

Oftentimes, gamers have reported that the Error Code 0x97e107df keeps appearing on their screen. I’ve realized that this error gets triggered when starting an unlicensed game on your Xbox One console. 

What causes this Error Code 0x97e107df?

The Error Code 0x97e107df is a temporary issue that is caused by validation error. Xbox games are identified with their license code before they are played. So, this error code mostly occurs when Xbox can’t validate a game that you have tried launching. That is the point where your live application fails. However, you can fix the error code with a few solutions and I have detailed them for you in the next section.

How To Fix The Error Code 0x97e107df

Fixing your Xbox doesn’t require the in-depth skills. Anyone with a basic understanding of the internet and their consoles can get it done. So, the following solutions should get your console running again.

Solution 1 – Check your Xbox Live Service Status

If you wait long enough, your Xbox Live Status would revert to normal and maybe fix this error. Most times they only stay down for a few hours.

However, you can check through the following steps:

Launch your browser.
Find your way to the official website of the Xbox Live Service Status. If you notice their servers are down, check for the official Twitter Support Account. Note, the issue must be reported by the officials alongside the estimated time. This would ensure that your problem is resolved.
If you also realize that the servers are functional, up, and running then your problem should be resolved. If not you could try out the other solutions provided below.

Solution 2- Check the Network

Other times, the network might not be working well enough for Xbox Live to stay online. In this kind of situation, the steps I provided below should work for you. Also, ensure you have the Wired Connection instead of Wireless.

First, you should run the Network Diagnostics

Press your Xbox button. This should enable you to open the guide menu. 
From your guide menu, select Settings. 
Scroll through your setting and the Click on All Settings and open Network.
Choose Network Settings. Under troubleshooting, you should click on the Test network connection.

Now, you can reset your MAC address

Also, press your Xbox button and that should open the guide menu.
From the guide, the menu goes on and select your Settings.
Among the myriad of options, you should Click on ‘All Settings’ and open your Network.
Choose the network Settings, and tap on ‘Advanced Network Settings’.
Select  Alternate MAC address and then tap on Clear Address
Reload your console by going back to your guide menu, choosing Restart from the Restart console.

Once you are finished with the above instructions, you will end up resetting your network settings completely. This should resolve your problem, if not, do not worry and try the next solutions.

Solution 3- Log out and Log in again

Also, there can be an unaccounted problem without having any root cause. It might be a simple glitch with no consequential value. Get this error fixed by simply logging out and logging in again.

These are the steps below:

Hold the Xbox button which should take you to the guiding menu.
Click on Home. There, you’ll see various options that would lead you to the next step.
Choose your account by highlighting your gamer. 
Tap on Log out. Wait a few minutes too fully go off. 
Now, reload your console as you did in the earlier solution. This process is estimated to last for a longer time than shutting down
Repeat the same procedure and Log in again. This may fix your console error.

Solution 4- Hard Reset your Console

Well, if none of the solutions above has fixed the error, then, there your last option is hard resetting your console. You might be wondering what it would do to your storage. Your files would still be intact as it only clears out your cache. All the trash or dump files might be the problem.

Follow these steps to hard reset your console

Press and hold the Console Power button for 10 seconds or so.
Hold on till you Xbox One switches off. It might take you a minute.
Turn on your Xbox One again. You should see a green start-up screen. The screen is for making sure it has been reset perfectly.  

Note that your data might have been preserved but your settings would revert to its default state. You should go ahead and begin to fill in your speculations again. It might not be an easy task, but you should start customizing your setting one after another. In all, ensure you are properly set back up.


Your Xbox console is just a piece of technology after all. It has its ups as much as it’s low, so you get the Error Code 0x97e107df shouldn’t be a deal-breaker for you. The error is just an indicator that tells when you are having a license validation error. These problems are almost as easy to fix as they come, you might just require a reboot in the end. With the information I have provided you above, your console should be up and running in no time.


My name is Jim Kevin Taylor, also known as, Jimmy The Geek, I recently graduated from MIT with computer science major. I intern at a network security firm. I am passionate about solving technical issues.

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