The problem code p0014 appears on your vehicle whenever there is a technical fault. You might need help properly when fixing the problem. That vehicle might just be what you need. However, you might experience the trouble code p0014 from time to time. The code p0014 is a vehicle problem code that could be activated at any point in time. In this article, I would be revealing how to diagnose, manage, and fix the code p0014.

What is the Code p0014?

The code p00114 means that the variable valve timing system has affected your fuel economy and engine performance. The code does this by regulating when the intake and exhaust valves are opened and closed. When this trouble code P0014 sets in, it means that the exhaust camshaft in Bank 1 is more advanced than the ECM has told it to be. 

What is The Cause Of The Code p0014?

The Code p0014 is caused by several issues. Below is a list of the possible causes of the problem.

Your Engine oil is possibly dirty. Dirt clogs up the system and stops it from functioning properly.
Your Engine oil is almost exhausted. Fill up the engine with the recommended oil type. 
Your Engine oil has an incorrect viscosity.
Your Camshaft variable timing solenoid has failed.
Your Camshaft phaser has been seized in the advanced position
There is a Continuous oil flow to your Variable Camshaft Timing chamber. 

Now that we know the symptoms of the code p0014, in the next section, I’ll show you some of its symptoms.

What Are The Symptoms Of Code P0014?

The code p0014 can be detected in various ways. Check the list I made for you below.

Check if your Engine Light is functioning properly.
Once your engine begins to Hard starts.
Rough running of your engine
If your engine is Stalling
If you can hear any Rattling/Knocking from engine
A heightened fuel consumption level.
If your machine fails the emissions test

How Serious is The P0014 Code?

You might not understand the gravity of the P0014 code by just seeing a diagnosis. The following should help you better understand the trouble code.

Your engine may run erratic and stall. It may even develop a hard starting problem.
Your engine would start consuming more fuel than it normally does. This would result in an increased carbon build up on your engine valves and pistons.
With your camshaft out of the time, you might have issues driving the vehicle for a prolonged time.  This could cause your valves to contact the piston if your timing chain has jumped the gear teeth.

What errors to avoid when diagnosing the P0014 code?

Often, people make mistakes when diagnosing their machines. If you do not also want to make that mistake, then you should check this out.

Ensure you do a visual check for common problems. This would help you determine if your electrical connectors are secured and free of corrosion.
Try checking your engine oil to see if it is full, clean, and of the right viscosity.
Test more than one so you would verify the code keeps coming back before any further tests are done.
Ensure you follow through with the Manufacturer test procedures. You should follow it step-by-step to prevent a misdiagnosis and replacing of good components.
Do not replace any components or sensors unless your tests indicate a problem.

How Does A Mechanic Diagnose The P0014 Code?

A mechanic would surely diagnose the error code quite differently from you. They pay attention to more details to ensure they are thorough with the process.

A mechanic would perform a visual inspection of the connector, wiring, or valve. This would help the person ascertain if there are any problems with the OCV for the bank 1 exhaust camshaft.
Your mechanic would check the engine oil level and condition of the oil. He aims to see if it is full and if it is the correct viscosity.
Your mechanic would also scan and document the engine codes. They could also view the freeze frame data to see when the code was set
Your mechanic would clear all codes then runs the engine to see if the P0014 code returns and the failure are still present.
Your mechanic monitors your timing data while disconnecting the OCV to the exhaust camshaft to see if the timing changes. A change would reveal that the valve is working and the problem is in the wiring or ECM
Your mechanic also performs a manufacturer’s specific pinpoint tests for the P0014 code and repair as needed.

What Ways Can I fix The Code p0014?

As with most OBD-II trouble codes, you’re would probably not find a miraculous fix for a P0014 code. There is a wide range of possible causes that gives you different avenues of repair. 

Let me show you a few solutions:

Solution 1- Performing the right diagnosis.

For you to accurately fix the problem you need to know exactly what it is. So, try finding out the underlying problems by resetting the fault codes and carrying out a road test. Once you have these figured out, then your machine should be up and running. However, if the error doesn’t rectify with the procedure above then check out the next on my list.

Solution 2 – Fill up the oil and filter.

Before you refill your oil, ensure you go through the manufacturers’ guide to get the process. Lack of sufficient oil in the gauge could activate the p0014 code and need immediate solutions. With the new oil in place, your machine should be working just fine. Let’s see the next solution on the list.

Solution 3 – Replace the camshaft oil control valve.

Remember again, not all vehicles are the same. Ensure you consult the factory repair organization while going about this process. The camshaft oil control valve might have been broken and triggered the p0014 error code.

Code p0014 is common in GMC terrain, chevy equinox, Kia Sorento, chevy colorado, Hyundai Elantra, and Nissan Maxima.


The trouble code p0014 is popular among vehicles of a certain class. The error is triggered whenever the exhaust camshaft in Bank 1 is more processed than the ECM has told it to be. There are several ways you can fix the problem that I highlighted above for you. Also, ensure you didn’t misdiagnose the trouble code to avoid causing more problems with the wrong solution.


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